Posted On The Corner: Kevin Liles Talks Politics Of Rap, Gunna’s Return, Rico Wade And Young Thug

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In the world of music moguls, it doesn’t get much more seasoned than the “McCormick” of hip-hop execs himself, Kevin Liles. From Def Jam to Warner Music Group, and now helping to spearhead the highly in-demand 300 Entertainment, the Maryland native has crafted a legacy in business over the past two-decades-and-counting that still makes him one of the go-to guys for all things related to rap.

That’s why his position as a public figure using his voice as a platform during this very important election year is an inspiring sight to see. We’re just glad he took some time out of his busy schedule to come hang out with us here at Posted On The Corner and break down the politics of it all.



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Political talk of course tends to remind him of Young Thug, the global rap superstar who was seen as 300 Ent’s golden child before a notorious arrest on May 9, 2022 in a 56-count Georgia RICO Act indictment that used lyrics from the Slime Season emcee’s songs to help make the case against him. Liles doesn’t believe art should be used to convict a crime, which is a huge part of his campaign to get people out there voting. He also shared with us some updates on how Thug is doing in the midst of his current incarceration, as well as how he feels about the return of Gunna following a controversial misunderstanding on how one walked away within seven months while the other is still behind bars two years later. We also got him to open up about memories about Rico Wade, gems to good business and if he can fathom up a “Mount Rushmore” of his best musical compositions.

Watch our exclusive interview with Kevin Liles below right here on Posted On The Corner: