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NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament - National Championship

Caitlin Clark #22 of the Iowa Hawkeyes reacts during the 2024 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament championship game between Iowa and South Carolina at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse on April 7, 2024, in Cleveland, Ohio. | Source: Thien-An Truong/ISI Photos / Getty

It’s unclear why broadcaster Jason Whitlock is so passionately dedicated to being the living embodiment of a live-action Uncle Ruckus, but what is clear is that even among Black conservatives, he wins the Stephen From Django Unchained Award for going out of his way to protect whiteness by way of vehement anti-Blackness. (Candace Owens might have won the award but she’s been clout-chasing through Black media lately and that knocked her down to the runner-up position.)

Recently, Whitlock took to his radio show on Fox Sports to fiercely protect women’s college basketball phenom Caitlin Clark from the “racists” and “bigots” who have made negative comments about her mostly online. Predictably, the “MAGA guy” bobblehead for white nationalism began his rant on anti-white racism by stereotyping Black women in sports, Black music and Black style, and, for whatever reason, he also went full anti-LGBTQ+ just for the hell of it.

“I’m not going to say I made a mistake falling in love with Caitlin Clark and women’s basketball and following it all season. I enjoyed it, I really did,” Whitlock began. “I like to see athletes compete that are free of all the tattoos, free of all the hip-hop, and all the stuff that’s been smothered and baked into sports. You gotta look like you just came off a rap stage or just came out of prison to play in the NBA or the NFL, and all the music sounds like it’s a prison concert… It’s just hard to watch and hard to stomach.

“So, here comes a group of kids out of Iowa that look like normal women, aren’t all tatted up, they listen to music I don’t know, but it ain’t cursing at me, it ain’t calling me a n****, it’s not telling me to kill other Black people, it’s not telling me that I gotta have gold chains around my neckit’s just basketball with women who look like women, women who weren’t pretending to be masculine, and weren’t all tatted up, so people fell it love with it because that’s what we’ve actually been missed in sports,” he continued.

So, here Whitlock is sounding like every racist white bigot who shouts, “SHUT UP AND DRIBBLE, N****R!” at the TV screen every time an outspoken Black athlete breathes into a microphone while wagging his stumpy-ass finger at people for being critical of “normal” looking white women who don’t listen to “prison concert” music or wear tattoos.

Mind you, the University of Iowa point guard is so widely celebrated overall that even after Iowa’s recent loss to the South Carolina Gamecocks, which went undefeated this season, she was largely the focus of news headlines across media. Caitlin Clark is so adored by (mostly white) America that First Lady Jill Biden wanted to invite Iowa’s team to the White House after their loss to LSU last year, despite the fact that, traditionally, only the championship team gets that invitation.

Whitlock even acknowledged the spike in women’s college basketball TV ratings, which are largely attributed to Clark, although, he says those ratings wouldn’t have spiked like that if Clark wore tattoos, listened to rap music and/or was a lesbian. And, of course, while praising his white sports savior, he couldn’t help but to throw bigoted and unnecessary shade at WNBA star Brittney Griner.

“This is what sports fans have been longing for and there’s a lesson in this for all the sports leagues that will fly over their heads. We just watched one woman take a sport that no one cared about and probably increased the women’s college basketball ratings by 500% in totality. Caitlin Clark is a phenomenal player, but trust me, if she had been all tatted up, a deep voice like Brittney Griner, an out-of-the-closet LGBT; I don’t think as many people would have tuned in,” Whitlock said, adding that Clark represented “traditional American values,” which we all know is KK-Kode for “Make America White Again.”

Anyway, MAGA America’s favorite Blackey-lackey (again, sorry, Candace, but it’s true) went on to say that he’s “exhausted by the racism” leveled at Clark (while also claiming he’s exhausted by the “promotion of transgenderism,” which appeared to be another swipe at Griner, who is not trans), warn the 22-year-old that she shouldn’t be “running off to the WNBA” because “they will destroy you” there, and admonish South Carolina coach Dawn Staley for not rushing to Clark’s defense every time somebody had something negative to say about her.

Meanwhile, let’s just take a trip down misogynoir memory lane and look at what Whitlock has said about heavily criticized Black women athletes over the years.

Despite the career-long history of (mostly) white America leveling racism and sexism at women’s tennis icon Serena Williams, Whitlock never felt the need to cry white-adjacent tears on behalf of Williams. In fact, he only added to the bigot chorus line by essentially calling Serena fat and lazy and admonishing her for what he called her lack of “sex appeal.” He has also chided people for calling Williams the GOAT of women’s tennis while rattling off a list of white women he thinks are better than her.

When Simone Biles withdrew from the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 in order to protect her mental and physical wellbeing, Whitlock called her a “coward.” He also said she was addicted to fame and that the social media “trap house” wouldn’t let her kick the habit, which resulted in the legendary gymnast experiencing an “accidental overdose.” (It’s almost as if the Sambo warrior for the innocence of “normal” white women just can’t help but associate Black women in sports with stereotypical descriptions of Black criminality.)

And, of course, while Whitlock working his hardest to nail Clark to a cross and present her as being persecuted like white Jesus, he has had the opposite energy for LSU star Angel Reese. Despite the easily demonstrable fact that Reese has been on the receiving end of infinitely more negative criticism and media scrutiny than Clark, Whitlock was big mad at “angry feminists” and “simps” for defending Reese.

Despite all of the constant rage, racist and sexist mocking and outright dehumanization Black women in sports deal with, Whitlock has suggested that Black female athletes are protected in media and by society just by virtue of being Black women while poor white women like Clark are the true victims. Meanwhile, all one would need to do is Google Whitlock’s name and that of literally any prominent Black woman in sports, and what they would find is that Whitlock is absolutely guilty of all the so-called bigotry against them that he now claims Clark is being “destroyed” by.

So, you know, maybe the MAGA world’s No. 1 house negro (no, again, not you, Candace) is just projecting here.


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