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A popular YouTube vlogger is sharing the downside of getting what she called a “Christian BBL” in December.

Sophia Idahosa, known as Sophiology on YouTube, has been documenting her experience in getting a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). As reported by Complex, Idahosa visited Houston cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jung Money for liposuction and a fat transfer, with an estimated recovery time of six months.

Idahosa previously shared on her channel that she allegedly was given “spiritual permission from God” to get the procedure, despite facing stiff criticism (and jokes) from social media.

As she said on her channel:

“I have never presented myself to be [a] holy, perfect example. I’ve always vouched for the girls that love God and are not accepted by others.

Fast forward to January 29, and it looks like recovery is not going as well as Idahosa hoped.

As reported by VIBE, she posted the latest episode of her vlog, showing some recent life updates. One of those updates, unfortunately, was the news that she had complications from her surgery.

Dermatologist discovered an infection on my abdomen… Basically, causing me to be very sick, weak, and not healing as I should.

She prescribed antibiotics, topical treatments for the scars & recommended I rest. I had to postpone my follow up appt with Dr. Jung, and my post op massage appts.

Despite its growing popularity over the past decade, it is worth remembering that getting a BBL (“Christian” or not) has its risks. According to the National Library of Medicine, 2017 data indicates that the BBL has the highest mortality rate of any aesthetic surgical procedure.


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