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Comedian Torrei Hart is “Feelin’ Extra,” Talks Comedy Tour, Blending Family & More [Listen]

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Torrei Hart is more than the ex-wife of comedian, Kevin Hart. She is a comedian in her own right. Hart is in her twelfth year in stand-up comedy but her origins go way beyond that. Torrei tells Russ Parr about how comedy kicked off beginning in the High School for the arts and meeting her ex-husband.


“I got class clown in High school so I’ve always been in the arts,” says Hart. “We (Kevin Hart) met in the theatre arts class. That’s how we met, in an art setting so, you know, it was bound to happen that, you know, it was supposed to happen. That’s how God set it up.”

The Harts married in 2003 and divorced in 2011 and while most Hollywood couples’ trials play out in front of the camera and blogs, Kevin and Torrei do what’s necessary to build a successful blended family.


Torrei tells Russ Parr “You know what? We just put our kids first. That’s it. Like by no means we’re perfect or didn’t have arguments in hiccups. But at the end of the day, we just both said that if the kids come first and when you put your kids first, everything else goes out the window. It’s about the kids.”




Torrei is currently on her “Feeling Extra Tour” and she recently made her debut at the D.C. Comedy Loft.

Why call the tour “Feeling extra?” Having a kid in college helps.

Because I’m feeling extra. I’m, you know, my daughter just graduated, you know, from high school. She’s off to college now. You know, I’m feeling good. And you can feel extra good. You can feel extra happy. You can feel extra into yourself. Like it’s just a way to feel good about yourself. And you know, I’ve been through a lot and I’ve overcome a lot. So, you know, now I’m feeling me.”

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