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Young Dolph, born Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., would’ve been 38 today if he wasn’t taken away from us in 2021, leaving behind his lifelong partner Mia Jaye and their two kids.


In celebration of the birthday of Young Dolph, Amanda Seales connects with his longtime partner, Mia Jaye, on the Small Doses Podcast (from the Urban One Podcast network) to discuss the ups and downs of grief and honoring those we’ve lost.

In this episode Mia shares everything from losing her brother the year prior, the intentional effort to help her kids grieve and heal in a healthy way after losing their father. Part of her healing process has involved going to therapy to help her process her emotions and navigate grief after losing loved ones. But she didn’t only use therapy to process grief.

“You went to couples therapy with Young Dolph” Amanda asked after Mia shared that her therapist sat with both Jaye and the King of Memphis for couples therapy to help work through challenges she and Dolph faced.


Amanda goes on to share the importance of men empowering and giving women the space to bring joy and healing into their lives and how it can change the relationship for the better.

“He would have so much to say” Jaye says as she shares what it was like going to couples therapy with Young Dolph, “this was a place where he felt open. Safe for him to be able to say things he probably felt like he couldn’t say to me because I would take it wrong. And I would’ve.”

Jaye shares that Adolph was committed to investing in his family and went to try out different therapists with Mia and didn’t stop until they found the perfect person to work with his family. Then he went on to encourage other family members to pursue couples therapy as a tool to better their relationship.

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