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So, here’s the deal: society has a major fixation on male height — who’s tall, who’s short and how your life will go based on which side of the spectrum you fall on has remained a constant topic of discussion amongst the fellas. For the 5’7-and-under crew, being just a few inches taller could mean a lifetime of elevated confidence in addition to the elevated views.

Standing at 5’5 was not acceptable for talented twentysomething Dynzell Sigers, so he went to new ‘lengths’ by going viral with what he trademarked as a “Knee BBL” that now has him standing at a whopping 6’0 tall.


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Ryan Cameron Uncensored had to get him in the studio to not only see the new set of legs in-person, but also get an idea behind what made him go through with the risky surgery in the first place. Dynzell proved to be a more surprising guest than originally intended, debuting his musical side, spirituality, and even speaking openly on his year-long journey with celibacy — sorry ladies!

Learn more about how viral sensation Dynzell Sigers went from 5’5 to 6’0 by getting a “Knee BBL” below on Ryan Cameron Uncensored: