Black Health 365 Podcast | What Is Herbalism

Source: Urban One Podcast Network | Walter Gainer II / Urban One

In this enlightening episode of Black Health 365, Britt and Jackie explore herbal medicine and its benefits. The duo welcomes guest Jennifer West as they have an in-depth conversation on herbalism, the historical significance of black herbalists’ and their contributions to black communities.

Jennifer West is a community-centered Clinical Herbalist & soon-to-be Clinical Nutritionist serving black wellness. She is the owner of Plant Mama Alchemy and is based in the National Capital Region.

Let’s face it: Black Americans are at a higher risk of losing their lives to illnesses and diseases that can be cured or prevented. This is a result of healthcare disparities, mistrust, lack of information and accessibility. As the largest Black-owned multimedia company, it is our mission to be champions of change by providing personalized healthcare information and resources throughout the year. Body and mental wellness will be discussed during each episode of this podcast in hopes of creating a community of like-minded people of color who are empowered to make better daily choices for a healthier life. Hosted by Media Personality Fitness Coach, Jackie Paige, and Wellness coach, Britt Daniels.