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As Maverick City Music takes off, Naomi Raine’s voice has been heard worldwide through radio, streaming platforms, and visuals. With only a short span in the industry, she already has a Grammy under her belt and countless songs in rotation. Now Raine is ready to reemerge with the release of her new single, Not Ready.

In an exclusive interview, she says, “You know what, I feel like it’s the first night of tour. Like it feels like the first night of a concert right, where you are so super excited but also like a little nervous. That’s how I feel. I’m really excited to share this song with people. It is an honest, super honest song, and I’m hoping that people will appreciate the honesty of my words and music.”

Naomi Raine’s Mental Health Inspired Her Latest Single

People are using their voices and platforms to shed light on mental health in the Black community. With so many tragedies happening along with the recovery effects of COVID-19, people everywhere have found themselves dealing with depression and anxiety. Raine’s new track tackles the honesty behind what many face but are not ready to admit.

“So, I had gone through a depression that I didn’t really know I was in, and it took a friend of mine to tell me that. He was very honest with me and said, ‘Hey, like I think you were depressedyou were crying every day, and you’re sleeping all the time. I really think you were depressed.’ In that moment, I knew that it was time for me to be honest with myself and really zone in on what’s going on.

As women, we are looked at as having to be so strong, and there are so many times when we just aren’t ready to tell people, no, not this time. In order for me to come out of this, it was time for me to talk to the Lord, and so I started just praying about this. I needed God to know that I needed help, and that’s the place where the song was written from. The first line of the song is ‘Jesus, I’m a mess!’ I can’t get more honest than that.”

Naomi Raine’s looks for the “Kingdom Tour”

Being a gospel singer can often put one in a box regarding beauty and fashion. From Erica and Tina Campbell, who have embraced their curves, to The Clark Sisters being bold with their hair looks, the women in gospel are making statements with their looks. As Raine prepares to hit the road with Maverick City Music and the legendary Kirk Franklin for their “Kingdom Tour,” she is excited about the styling process.

“I can’t wait for people to see the new looks that my stylist Charles Rose has come up with. I like to keep things simple with girly streetwear but mixed with urban looks. For me, what matters when it comes to my attire is if I’m comfortable, and it also depends on the setting of where I’m going. For the tour, you will see color and vibrant looks. I like to push the envelope just a little bit. For instance, for the Grammys, I wore an off-the-shoulder black gown with a split to give a little leg by ANR Fashions. It was classy and stylish. You will get that urban and girly feel from me on tour.”

And for her hairstyles, she is letting us know that a switch-up will happen on tour. She says, “There are times when I like to give a little edge, even when it comes to my hair. During the tour, you will see my classic straight and long hair because that’s really my praise (laughs). But I will be switching it up. I’ll be adding some color like brown highlights, and we will see how this wig thing goes for me. I love having my own hair out, but I’m not afraid of switching up and trying something new.”

You can catch the singer/songwriter on stage in a city near you and be sure to support Naomi Raine’s new single, Not Ready, now streaming on all platforms.


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