Clifton Anthony Bliss Jr. mugshot

Source: Marion County Sheriff’s Office / Marion County Sheriff’s Office

At times it really does feel like Floridians really out here doing the most but this latest incident might be the most unnecessary one to date.


The Orlando Sentinal is reporting that a Florida man shot and killed his neighbor after a dispute over a cat for continuously coming onto his property in Umatilla. This past Wednesday (October 20) 58-year-old Clifton Anthony Bliss Jr. got into a dispute with James Arland Taylor Jr., 41, over Taylor’s cat who would wander onto his property uninvited. Afterwards Bliss took his .22 caliber rifle and went over to Taylor’s house and shot him in the chest. Taylor was killed and Bliss was eventually arrested and charged with second degree homicide.

According to neighbors, Anthony Bliss Jr. was known to argue with neighbors over their dogs and cats walking around his house and was considered a “troublemaker” and “hot head” by those who’ve seen him get out of pocket. Anthony Bliss tried to play the self-defense card in the matter, but it held little to no water with those who were on the scene at the time of the incident.

“Bliss told witnesses on the scene, and also told his wife during a phone call, that Taylor had assaulted him before the shooting.”

“However, an eyewitness said she had seen no physical altercation before the shooting.”

“A detective investigating the case said Bliss’ claim about being assaulted appeared to be “without merit.”

No word on what will happen with the orphaned cat, but Bliss is looking at quite the lengthy prison sentence for shooting and killing its owner over basically nothing. That’s Florida these days.

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