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Brazilian Butt Lifts, better known as BBL’s, have been a hot topic lately. No matter where you turn, whether scrolling on Instagram or walking on the beaches of Miami, you’re sure to spot a woman with a tiny waistline and protruding hips. The exaggerated shape has been both coveted and criticized by almost everyone known to man.

During Wednesday’s episode of Red Table Talk, Jada Pinkett-Smith and her daughter Willow both admitted to considering to go under the knife for a BBL.

In a clip, Jada speaks up about her thoughts on the dangerous surgery. “I’m glad we’re here talking about this today, the BBLs, because I was considering getting one.”

Willow chimed in saying, “Me too! I considered getting the tiniest little bit, but then I just got into the gym and got it anyway.”

Jada responded, “I told her. I said, ‘You want a butt? One thing your mother know how to do is build a butt.’”

I appreciate the honesty shared between the mother and daughter. I love that her mother encouraged her to build her body naturally and avoid going under the knife. With money at their disposal, it would’ve been easier for both parties to run to the doctor’s office. Still, they decided to dedicate time and effort to building and improving their bodies the natural way.

In the teaser clip posted to the Red Table Talk’s instagram page, they showed a montage of women discussing their experience with the surgery. “This week we’re getting real about the Brazilian butt lift: the world’s fastest-growing, most dangerous plastic surgery and exploring the risks of other procedures. Click the link in bio to watch this eye-opening Red Table Talk. 🖥

Deciding to have a BBL is a personal choice. We all have one life to live and it is important to live it in a way that is going to make you happy. Choosing to work out over having surgery is also a personal choice that no one should be shamed for. Before making such a life-altering decision, be sure to weigh the options so that you come out safe, healthy, and happy.

Kudos to Jada and Willow for having this needed conversation. Educating yourself on the options available to you is important. What do you think?



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