We’ve all heard the saying that two is oftentimes better than one, and that sentiment always plays true when it comes to music collaborations.

For gospel greats Israel Houghton and Chandler Moore, their new single “He’s A Wonder” can definitely be considered a gift to us all. Thankfully, we had the pleasure of having Israel stop by the Willie Moore Jr. Show to give us a rundown of how it all came together.

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As Willie suggests, the song has GRAMMY written all over it. The track, which came together after a freestyle jam session that Israel did with Chandler at his virtual concert, Feels Like Christmas, also comes paired with a music video spearheaded by renowned director Benny Boom.


Willie and co-host Shari’ Nycole were able to discuss that and so much more during their time with the multiple award-winning musician, and we think you’ll like the conversation that transpired and accompanying visuals as well.


Check out Israel Houghton’s latest interview with the Willie Moore Jr. Show crew below:


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