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1. “Help Is Here Tour” Begins As Biden, Harris

Promote Relief Plan

What You Need To Know:

President Joe Biden has signed his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill, some stimulus checks have been deposited and now the tour begins.

2. Flood of Children at the U.S. Border Creates Humanitarian Crisis

What You Need To Know:

In an effort to make good on a campaign promise to create an effective and humane immigration system, the Biden administration is facing an uphill battle.

3. Coronavirus Update: Mask, Safety Violations Spark Arrests Nationwide

What You Need To Know:

As many states lift mask mandates and travel levels hit record highs, authorities struggled this weekend to enforce mask rules.

4. State Trooper Bragged About Beating a Black Man in a Group Text

What You Need To Know:

New court filings show Louisiana State Troopers Jacob Brown, Dakota DeMoss, and George Harper, who are White, bragged and jeered in a group text about beating 29-year-old Antonio Harris, who is Black, after a police chase.

5. Jordans And Yeezys Have Reached Official Investment Class Status

What You Need To Know:

Urban street culture has always had an epochal influence on sneakers which has buoyed Jordans and Yeezys to be treated as a bona fide asset class product worthy of informed investment valuation, like any other commodity.

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