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Nothing hits like a good R&B love song and Roc Nation’s new artist Dixson showed us this twice with his latest single, “KREAM.” The song is not only an ode to the beauty and power of women, but it also explores a sensual nature fitting for the sexy-time playlists.

“KREAM” is Dixson’s take on Wu-Tang’s “C.R.E.A.M,” whereas the word “cash” in “cash rules everything around me” is replaced with “kitty.”

“Not only is [KREAM] a sexy song, not only is it a sexual song, but I feel like it’s an empowering song, too,” he told The Morning Hustle Show‘s Lore’l in an interview. “One of the lines in there that stands out to me the most is, ‘you’re a fountain full of divine truth and I’m just here to remind you.’ It’s like, I can step away from the situation and look on and just let you know that you’re beautiful. Also, I want to touch you and love you, but when we’re not doing that, it’s just a reminder that you’re the divine truth. And that’s the most important line to me in the song. It’s the affirmations in there that really stand out to me. And you know, the KREAM, that’s a nice bonus.”

The song comes from his first solo album titled Darling, which drops everywhere on Friday, February 12 — just in time for Valentine’s Day weekend.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, The Voice alum and arts/media management degree-holding singer shared a few tips on the do’s and don’ts of love’s holiday between talking about “KREAM” with The Morning Hustle’s Lore’l.

Press play below to hear about his experience working with some of the industry’s top talent, how his upbringing in church influenced his musical background, and his thoughts on love.

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