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Gorilla Glue is currently trending on Twitter, but not for any reason you’d expect. An Instagram user by the name of Tessica (@im_d_ollady) went viral after she posted a video showing off her hair style that she claims has been in tact for one-month.

Inquiring minds might want to know how she got her hairstyle to last that long and in such pristine condition. We’ll folks, Tessica substituted her usual Got 2B hairspray, which she revealed she ran out of, for Gorilla glue spray. If you’ve ever used any Gorilla glue product, you know damn well it should never go in your hair!

Twitter user Raven Darkholme shared the clip on Twitter leading to it being viewed over 500k times and retweeted over 3,000 times while sparking tons of conversation about Tessica’s decision to use the indestructible household adhesive.

In a second clip, Tessica proved her hair is pretty much stuck by covering it in shampoo without a stand so much a strand popping out of place. It actually shined it up nicely.

She captioned the video, “it really don’t move.” Well sis, we could have told you that.

Horrified and thoroughly intrigued viewers swarmed the comments section with questions. Some even offered advice like use rubbing alcohol or acetone.

According to salon owner and celebrity hairstylist Teirra Milton, “You should never use industrial glue products on your hair. Citrus-based products might help loosen the glue bond but, this is an extreme case.”

Tessica posted an update thanking everyone for their concern.

If you’re like us and finding yourself inexplicably invested in Tessica’s hair outcome, you’ll have to check back in on this one because we’re have no glue…we mean clue how this is going to end.


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