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1. Federal Judge Ruling Stops Trump Plan to Slash Food Stamps for 700,000 Unemployed Americans

What You Need To Know:

A Sunday ruling has stopped a Trump administration plan to cut food stamps for hundreds of thousands of Americans.

2. Will Trump’s Re-election Efforts Be Stopped By His Own Party and the Steel Industry?

What You Need To Know:

With the November 3 election just a couple of weeks away and Trump’s popularity waning in key states, several Republican leaders are privately voicing their concern over the president’s off-the-rails rhetoric, and in some instances, publicly disassociating themselves from Trump.

3. Coronavirus Update: New Poll Shows Pandemic’s Effects on Women, Minorities and Low-Income Workers

What You Need To Know:

According to a new AP-NORC/SAP poll, 25% of U.S. workers considered quitting their jobs over concerns of contracting coronavirus. One-fifth of those surveyed say they have taken leave.

4. Record-Breaking Early Voter Turnout Shows Enthusiasm in Crucial Elections

What You Need To Know:

Eligible voters nationwide are coming to polls in droves, choosing to cast their ballots in person due to concerns about mail-in ballots and the recent crisis at the US Postal Service.

5. Johnson & Johnson’s $100 Million Baby Powder Lawsuit Settlement Is Overdue For Black & Hispanic Women

What You Need To Know:

Facing almost 20,000 lawsuits by women who blame Johnson & Johnson’s (JNJ +1.42%) talcum powder for causing cancer finally has a $100 million settlement from the manufacturer. 

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