Twitter Updates "Hacked Materials" Policy After Blocking NY Post Story

Source: PRAKASH SINGH / Getty

Twitter has been pretty firm on its strong stance against sharing misinformation and straight-up nonsense on its service that could impact the presidential election. But the social media company had to revise one of its policies following some belly-aching from right-wing snowflakes.

Last week the New York Post, who isn’t shy about their love for Donald Trump, dropped a story about Hunter Biden that got its information from emails from a real shady source *coughs* Rudy Guiliani. Twitter wasn’t here for it and began blocking links to the fake news shared by right-wing accounts claiming that it violated its policies when it comes to sharing “hacked materials.”

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As expected, Republican officials cried about Twitter blocking the story and claimed that Twitter was overstepping its boundaries by taking such action.

Thursday (Oct.15), Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey called the blocking of links without context “unacceptable,” and today (Oct.16), the company’s Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety Lead Vijaya Gadde followed her boss and broke down the new updated policy in her own Twitter thread explaining:

“We will no longer remove hacked content unless it is directly shared by hackers or those acting in concert with them.”

“We will label Tweets to provide context instead of blocking links from being shared on Twitter.”

But as the New York Times reported, Twitter will still continue to block the New York Post’s story because it contains links to personal information and email addresses and violates Twitter’s policy regarding personal information and the sharing of it. So Republicans will more than likely still continue to b*tch and moan about their Hunter Biden conspiracy theory being blocked.

Photo: PRAKASH SINGH / Getty

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