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1. Memorials and Funerals for George Floyd

What You Need To Know:

Thursday began the series of memorial services honoring the life of George Floyd. A memorial for family, friends and special guests in the age of the coronavirus, practicing social distancing, was held Thursday afternoon at North Central University in downtown Minneapolis.

2. Who Dat Nation’s Quarterback Drew Brees Apologizes For Comments About Kneeling During the National Anthem

What You Need To Know:

Ongoing protests across the U.S. and worldwide are highlighting the many injustices experienced by people of color, and Black people in particular.

3. Coronavirus Update: New Autopsy Report Reveals George Floyd Tested Positive For COVID-19

What You Need To Know: 

George Floyd, whose death has sparked worldwide massive protests, tested positive for the coronavirus in a new autopsy report released on Thursday.

4. BET Founder Robert Johnson Is Asking For Reparations For Slavery

What You Need To Know:

Billionaire businessman Robert Johnson is looking for reparations for slavery in the amount of $14 trillion.

5. Remembering Wes Unseld

What You Need To Know:

I grew up in a typical Black DMV (DC, MD, VA) household. And in a typical Black DMV household we cherished three things: God, hard work, and sports. So every week I worked hard in school and then went to church Sunday morning.

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