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LisaRaye is defending herself after people took her comments about helping to improve Turks and Caicos as the star saying she is the reason the island is successful and well known.

Earlier this month, a clip from her “Cocktails With Queens” segment on Claudia Jordan’s Fox Soul show Out Loud was released where, at one point, LisaRaye said she “turned their island around” after marrying former Prime Minister Michael Misick. Claudia joked that she “upgraded the island,” to which LisaRaye said, “damn right! Say it for the b—hes in the back!” 


But the star wasn’t necessarily joking. “I did more for that island than I did for my own country and my own business, my own self,” she said.

When speaking on her marriage, she stated that early on, because Michael came into their union with so much, including money and power as prime minister, she felt like her value would come in bringing Hollywood to the Turks and Caicos.

“I became the poster child for Turks and Caicos because Turks and Caicos was a jewel of an island, an elite island, that no one knew about until I said, hey, here we are over here! An hour away from the Bahamas! An hour and a half out of Miami! We’re right next to Haiti! It’s beautiful! The sun and the sand and the water, come see what I found over here! I did that and I started businesses over there. I started opportunity over there and I did nothing for here.”

Soon after that clip was released though, those who are from Turks and Caicos started to lash out at the Player’s Club actress over her statements.

It got ugly fast, with Claudia claiming people were even hitting her up to complain about what the star said about her contributions to Turks and Caicos. Nevertheless, LisaRaye didn’t back down from her initial statements. On Out Loud With Claudia Jordan this week, she made it clear that she said what she said.

“Those people in your inbox were probably people who can’t even afford to go to Turks and Caicos, so next,” she said. “Secondly, that would be absolutely ludicrous for me to say Turks and Caicos wasn’t known, although it wasn’t known to me when I first met Michael. I didn’t know anything and didn’t even know how to pronounce it. But I stand by what I said.”

“As their first lady, I brought a lot of attention to Turks and Caicos Island. But that’s what I planned to do and that’s what I wanted to do,” she continued. “I brought the film festival there. I built a theater there. I brought the first-ever carnival there, music festival. Calling my friends saying, hey, we may not have it in the budget to pay your fee, but if I can make a vacation out of it for you because I’m the first lady of this small country, and I want to shed some light on here, can you bring your talent over here so you can entertain our people?”

LisaRaye said she did that because as the place was home to Michael, through marriage, it became a home for her, so she did everything she could to bring it attention.

“I still feel that is a second home for me, so I will always be the poster child for Turks and Caicos Islands because it’s beautiful and because I called it home and I do want everyone to see it and know about it because they should,” she added. “It’s right next door to us. So that’s what I said and that’s exactly, again, what I mean.”

Hear everything LisaRaye had to say below.

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