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Atlanta is one of the first states to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic and now Tyler Perry is trying to figure out how to reopen his 330-acre studio. The A Fall From Grace star and the director wants to ensure that his studio is a safe environment so production can resume.


According to TMZ, his idea is to have any cast members who are starring in the productions that are filming to be tested for COVID-19 onsite. You will only be let on the premises if you test negative. Perry is taking it a step further and offering the actors a place to live. While the shows are filming the stars and other staff will also be living in the studio. The studio has 40 houses that are livable so housing the casts of the shows won’t be a problem. There are 30 other houses on the lot that are habitable that are for production as well so there’s ample space. The studio also has a gym, a bar, and restaurants that they can all use.

Perry also was in the process of building a hospital for the purpose of production but now it may be a part of his plan to house actors at the studio. Considering what is going on, he may make it into an actual health center and bring in a doctor and nurse.

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When he reopens his studio he hopes to begin filming six shows. Since it takes two and a half weeks to film a season of a show, the cast will live at the studio for three weeks. They will return a few weeks later and film another season. He will also be paying actors extra due to working in these circumstances.

Last week, Georgia lifted some of its restrictions on their stay-at-home order and opened barbershops, hair and nail salons, gyms, and massage parlors.

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