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1. Political Update: Wisconsin Primaries and House Select Committee

What You Need To Know:

A last minute change in Wisconsin primaries. Governor Tony Evers attempted to suspend today’s in-person voting. However, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled he could not postpone the election. 

2. Coronavirus Update: African Americans Bear The Brunt Of The Coronavirus

What You Need To Know:

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to make its way through U.S. communities, one fact is emerging from the data. 

3. Funeral Homes Faced With A Myriad Of Challenges During The Coronavirus Crisis

What You Need To Know: 

As the increasing number of coronavirus cases are putting enormous pressure on hospitals and healthcare workers, coronavirus deaths are putting pressure on the funeral industry.

4. Coronavirus Chronicles: Pastor Diagnosed With Coronavirus “Cried Out To God” For A Chance

What You Need To Know:

Pastor Kenny Baldwin of Crossroads Baptist Church in Fairfax County, Virginia tested positive for coronavirus and is now sharing his testimony. 

5. Wells Fargo Says No More!

What You Need To Know:

As millions of individuals and families are struggling to get updates on if and when they will receive stimulus checks, small businesses are also slowed in their attempts to apply for grants and loans.

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