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Many folks claim to be a “Jack of All Trades, “but actually, a “Master of None.” Meet a “Jill of All Trades” and “Master (or Mistress) of All,” LaRita Shelby. Many of the longtime TJMS fans know LaRita as one of the favorite voices on the original soap opera, “It’s Your World.” LaRita was the voice of “Nikki”…AND the voice of “Pookie “or as some called her, “Pookay.”

LaRita Shelby is a true Renaissance woman. She sings — a jazz chanteuse! She acts, on radio and screens big and small. She is a journalist, screenwriter, author, and producer, telling her story as well as those of others. She is a businesswoman.

The talents of LaRita Shelby have not gone unnoticed. This multi-hyphenate was recently celebrated as a Lady in Red Diamond Rose Award Winner in the area of entertainment journalism by the Multi-Cultural International Motion Picture Association. We salute this dynamic young woman for accomplishing her goal of “not letting her livelihood depend on (the whims of) directors who thought of her as a flavor of the month.” She’s a cornucopia of talents.

Happy #WomensHistoryMonth!