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It seems that things are still not in a good place for former child actress Maia Campbell. Facebook user named London wrote an account on the social media site where she talked about running into Maia all of the time in Atlanta asking for help, but not realizing who the woman was until recently.

Over the last few years, London noted that every time she would stop by a specific Texaco gas station  she would encounter a woman who would always ask her for money and a ride. Despite the requests, their interactions would mostly be pleasant.

The woman would compliment her and even tell her that she should consider being in entertainment because she’s “a bad b—h.”  London said that  while she felt that the woman looked familiar, but she couldn’t quite place her. But she did know that the woman didn’t belong among those begging for money.

Maia in 2017. Her last post to her IG account was on her birthday on November 26 in 2018.



“Although she is visibly strung out on drugs and openly pimping herself out for money and drugs, she always seemed so out of place to me,” she wrote. “In person she still has remnants of her old self, and she definitely has a glow of beauty that stands out amongst the rest of the usual crackheads and prostitutes that frequent the store daily.”

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It wasn’t until Valentine’s Day that London encountered the woman at a different space and finally decided to tell her that she looked familiar.

“She told me that I’d probably seen her before on a few TV shows and music videos in the 90s. I thought she was joking until she pulled out her phone and began showing me pictures of herself b4 she became completely strung out,” she wrote. “Come to find out this woman who is always telling me how beautiful I am and begging me for change is Maia Campbell…an actress best known for her role on LL Cool J’s show In the House!”

London said that Maia asked her not to take a picture of her because on that specific day she was high and not presentable. Maia shared that she was also tired of video of her looking like that being posted online. She admitted to London that she was struggling these days because the industry, and life, had been especially rough on her.


“She said that at some point in her life she lost sight of her value, gave up, and allowed herself to be used and abused by just about any and everybody in Hollywood and Atlanta, and it’s been a difficult up and down process for her since then.”

They hugged and London said she would pray for Maia. She told her that she would no longer give her money towards her habit, but would start bringing her food and clothes. They exchanged numbers with London saying she could help the former star find shelter should harsh weather come. She ended her account of her interactions with the troubled actress by asking for prayers for her.

“She isn’t doing well at all, but with enough support and love I do believe she can overcome and conquer her demons,” she said. “Y’all please pray for Maia Campbell fr fr…she is such a sweet person and still has so much life left to live.”

The last time Maia surfaced publicly, it was to appear on “Iyanla Fix My Lifea’ in 2012. She was struggling with bipolar disorder and meth addiction. Maia was also feeling guilt over the death of her mother and hoping to have a better relationship with her young daughter.

People were hopeful that things would improve as she said she wanted to stay clean for her child and she appeared on TV One’s “Life After.” However, an intoxicated Maia would end up being arrested a few times for public disturbances at restaurants and video of Maia saying she wanted crack would surface online in 2017. Even her “In the House” co-star LL Cool J tried to reach out to help at that point. She would eventually respond.

“Hey Todd, look bro,” she said in a video response. “I love you. I don’t need help. I just need a benefit concert for mental health. Don’t TMZ me. This is really me.” She ended the clip by telling her former co-star, “Don’t call me. I’ll call you.”