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Let’s be honest, if you ask most guys about their skin care regimen, washing their face with soap and water just about covers it. And if they have facial hair, maybe a beard cream or aftershave balm every now and then. Using a moisturizer, toner or clarifying cleanser never seems to be a part of the equation.

However, it seems that times are definitely changing. Men have been stepping it up in the skincare department. While skincare was once deemed a feminine trait, now more than ever, men are getting real about their grooming and are actually giving their skin the attention it deserves. And I couldn’t be any happier.

Skincare is not reserved solely for women. If you care about the appearance of your skin, you should have a solid skincare regimen, no matter your gender.

Thankfully, some men have got the memo and they’re proud of sharing their regimens via social media. A thread of Black men doing their skincare routine has taken over Twitter! From masking techniques and recommendations, skincare regimens and more, men are pulling out all the stops to ensure that their skin is well taken care of.

And I have to admit, I even learned a thing or two about different products and tips to incorporate in my personal routine. Check out some of our Black Kings showing us how they tackle their skincare routine below.

1. Cleansing Tips


2. A Step-By-Step Routine

3. Shea Butter Advice

4. Glowing Skin

5. Extra Razzle Dazzle!

Let’s discuss your skincare regimen below!

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