Ava DuVernay is returning to OWN with “Cherish The Day,” her second and latest project for Oprah’s OWN.  “Cherish The Day” is set for a February debut and is an amazingly well done romantic anthology series that follows a single couple as they wade their way through the ups and downs of love, life and everyday issues.

Season One stars Xosha Roquemore (“The Mindy Project”) as Gently James and Alano Miller (“Underground”) as Evan Fisher, a young couple with opposite backgrounds, histories, personalities and responsibilities, who meet, court, fight and fall in love in Los Angeles. The first season will span five years of their relationship, with “day in the life” situations in each episode.  Each season will unfold over eight episodes.


Three-time, Emmy award winner, legendary actress Cicely Tyson joins Roquemore and Miller as Miss Luma Lee Langston, a renowned star of stage and screen.  Gently James is Miss Langston’s live-in assistant and is encouraged by her wise employer to stop having “relationship A.D.D.” and give love and commitment a try. Miss Luma likes Evan and wants to see them happy and together.

In addition to these amazing leads, the cast is rounded out this season with Michael Beach (as Ben, Gently’s foster father, a former gang member who works as a delivery man for the Los Angeles Times); Anne-Marie Johnson (as Dana, Evan’s mother who disapproves of his relationship with Gently and is not shy about sharing her reservations), and Kellee Stewart (as Ellene, Evan’s well-bred, religious sister).

What makes “Cherish The Day” so special, is that it takes a fresh approach to a love story.  In many romantic movies,  acts of love are shown as big gestures and sometimes unrealistic truths. This series is different. It shows us that love is complex. Love is not linear. Love often doesn’t just happen in the grandiose, but in the little things. Love can be messy and it’s often impacted and influenced by family and friends.  People who love you have the best intentions for you, but can make a relationship more difficult based on their own issues.


Gently and Evan’s relationship could be viewed as a modern-day Romeo and Juliet scenario, but without the tragic ending. Maybe. They must navigate misunderstandings and assumptions and stereotypes, as many do in new relationships.  You come in believing one thing about a person you but they perhaps they do not fit in the box you’ve created for them. That is the beauty of falling in love, you get to break free from the box. We see all of this in Gently and Evan’s journey.

“Cherish The Day” is “must-see” TV because it’s an unapologetically Black love story. Citing 90s films such as “Love and Basketball” and “Love Jones,” as examples, DuVernay says she “longed to see those kinds of Black love stories on television.” That is what “Cherish The Day” is.  It breaks open those Black images, those Black love stories and puts it in an anthology form. It explores black love — which we don’t see enough.”

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