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College students have a lot on their plates and one of the way to help ease that load is by providing financial help. 17 years ago Denny’s and the Tom Joyner Foundation partnered to create the Hungry For Education Scholarship program to provide students with the financial help they need. Since then they have awarded 46 scholarships to HBCU students. Past winners like Howard University graduate Halle Stanley, view Joyner as a leader. Stanley says since she received the scholarship she has been dedicated to follow in Joyner’s footsteps and “give back” to her community.  This years Scholar is Mary-Pat Hector is a Spelman woman who is determined to “make a difference in the world.” She has been a social activist since high school and is passionate about giving to undeserved communities. She called both Denny’s and the Tom Joyner Foundation “integral ” parts of her life and credits them with allowing her to continue her education which in turn allows her to help others.

Hear what they had to say in the videos below: