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Mariah Carey is the undisputed Queen of Christmas, which is why the iconic songstress is teaming up with Amazon Music to release a mini documentary titled “Mariah Carey Is Christmas: The Story of ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You” in celebration of the 25th anniversary of her album, “Merry Christmas.”

The project will explore exactly how Carey crafted her Christmas classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” which first made its debut in 1994.

The film is set to drop later this month, but you can watch the trailer above.

The trailer also features an interview with Carey.

“I just remember where I was coming from [and] wanting it to feel like a classic,” Mimi says in a preview clip shared on twitter by the Pop Crave (see above). “I said, ‘Let me try and get into the Christmas spirit.’ … I started writing and changing a Christmas song into a love song back into a Christmas song and kind of making it all one thing.”

The preview shows commentary from Carey, along with her longtime collaborator Randy Jackson, Variety music editor Shirley Halperin, Billboard’s senior chart director Gary Trust, and Carey’s longtime backup singer and friend, Trey Lorenz, who reflects on how “All I Want for Christmas is You” became a surprise hit, per PEOPLE.

“It’s just so catchy. The harmonies; the way the music was done,” Lorenz says.

Carey shared a video in November featuring new footage from her “All I Want for Christmas is You” music video. She also re-released” Merry Christmas” as a two-disc deluxe edition.

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