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Saturday Night Live” channeled Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” for a sketch about Popeyes’ chicken sandwich. 

The sketch titled “Lunch Run” stars British pop star Harry Styles as an intern desperate to get in on the Popeyes sandwich craze.

“They don’t have one back in England. It’s just like KFC. Right?,” Styles says to his co-workers, including Kenan Thompson, via Urban Hollywood 411.

“No. No, it’s not,” Thompson says about the Louisiana-style chicken.

“Well. Either way, I thought I could go there by myself and get 15 chicken sandwiches,” Styles insists.

The Black co-workers are concerned about him venturing into a local Popeyes alone.

“By yourself!” comedian Ego Nwodim says. “You want to go to a Popeyes by yourself, in the middle of the lunch rush, then buy up all the chicken sandwiches?”

“Yep, that’s the plan,” Styles replies.

“I hear there’s a line out the door every afternoon,” he says. “I’m sure they’ll let me cut. I’ll just go in and say, ‘Give me every chicken sandwich you have. I’m in a hurry.’”

The office then notes that the nearest Popeyes is in a bad neighborhood, “between the liquor store and the Foot Locker.”

“You’re gonna die,” said the office janitor, played by Chris Redd.

The skit concludes with a faux movie trailer for “Jordan Peele presents White Get Out, starring Harry Styles as intern Robert E. Lee.”.

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