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The 2020 Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage is the ultimate party with a purpose! As we’re heading into the 21st sailing, Carnival and CEO Arnold Donald have been longtime partners creating new experiences. Tom is really excited about this upcoming cruise and is hoping to sell it out before the holidays! Both Joyner and Donald have heard your concerns after the previous cruise and are determined to give guests a phenomenal experience.

“Your guests can be assured that they’re going to have nothing but a great time partying with a purpose” Donald said on the Tom Joyner Morning Show.  He says “exceeding guest expectations is job one.”

Donald insists that they will, “…do everything possible to make the guests know that THEY are the most important thing.”

While Tom emphasized Usher would be on the cruise day one, Donald noted that he would be there, noting that he would be there for the embarkation as guest board the ship, and may actually get the sail. Touching on the energy, great performers and great casts, Donald also emphasized our overall goal of, “….the higher purpose here is historically black colleges and universities,”

The holidays are fast approaching and what better gift could you give Tom than to celebrate his legacy and help him keep kids in school, by booking your cabin. “So people out there, do it for the young folks, but also do it to say “thank you” to Tom Joyner. He’s brought us so much enjoyment and entertainment through the years,’” Donald says.