A New Jersey mother has been left “heartbroken” after every parents worst nightmare became her reality. Anari Ormond, 23, arrived at J&A Nursery in Newark to find her 6-month-old daughter, Zuri, covered in bruises, bite marks and scratches.

On Tuesday, Ormond got a text from the owner of the Nursery asking Ormond to give the center a call on her lunch break. Ormond’s little girl Zuri Camara had been a student at the daycare since October.

Shed says that she called the nursery immediately and was told that Zuri had been left “unattended around a 2-year-old boy.”

“She said in that time period of being unattended the boy ‘bit Zuri 3 times in the stomach,’” Ormond says.

“When I arrived I was stopped at the door and basically braced for whatever I was getting ready to see,” Ormond continued.

When she arrived at the nursery she learned that there was more to the story.

The Owner then claimed that she “went upstairs to get Neosporin and fell down the steps while holding my daughter and she was severely bruised,” Ormond explains.

Ormond says Zuri also had scratches “on her right foot and hand.”

“I was shocked and heartbroken,” Ormond told said. “She was just sitting there. She wasn’t laughing or smiling,” Osmond says of her baby.

Ormond did what any parent would do next, she took her baby to the hospital.

“We went straight to the hospital. They did a CT scan of her head immediately just to make sure there was no head trauma. There was no internal bleeding,” Ormond explains adding that the doctor ruled it as “mild concussion” and sent her home with antibiotics.

Ormond then headed to the police station. She explains she took photos of Zuri’s injuries, which show marks on her face, legs and what appears to be bite marks on her stomach.

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I was very skeptical about posting this because I didn’t want everyone seeing my baby like this…. but Tuesday November 12th I got a text from Zuri’s daycare owner saying “Hey Anari call me on your lunch” so I call right away and was told my daughter was bit by a 2 year old boy 3 times in the stomach while left unattended…. I left work immediately and went there and when I got there I was stopped at the door with a completely different story. Now she told me that she “went upstairs to get neosporin and fell down the stairs holding Zuri”😢 this is wtf my baby looked like. NO FUCKING BARELY 6 MONTH OLD BABY SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES. Especially when I’m paying damn near $800 a month for you to take CARE of my daughter. I’ve been very calm and quiet thus far to allow the investiGation to take its course but I literally can’t sleep or eat and probably won’t until my daughter receives justice in the form of charges, shutting the center down, ANYTHING. Now I know with having patience comes people who take advantage of the time and don’t move urgently, as I’ve experienced previously with Newark police and City of Newark. It always takes going to the furthest extent for you to be taken seriously. I’ve done the run around with phone calls and going office to office basically just told to “wait” while this woman is still currently operating her NON LICENSED business. I am NOT myself rn and don’t want to speak to anyone unless it’s in an effort to shut the daycare down or quickly get charges pressed. The daycare (J&A Nursery) is located at 288 Eastern Pkwy Newark, NJ. You can file complaints to Newark Police or the city’s Office of Code Enforcement. Also anyone can call and make a complaint at 877-NJABUSE

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Ormond says the case is currently being investigated by Newark Police Department’s Prosecutor’s Office, Special Victims Unit and Child Protective Services.

The New Jersey Department of Children and Families has since released a statement.

“Our records do not show an operating license or registration for J&A Nursery in Newark. Please note that Family Child Care Homes are permitted to operate in New Jersey, without a license, if they are caring for five or fewer unrelated children. However, if programs wish to receive federal subsidies they’re required to voluntarily register with DCF and comply with applicable regulations. Providing care for more than five unrelated children requires a childcare center license, and operating without such a license may subject the operator to prosecution,” the statement, which was obtained by ABC7NY reads.

Ormond is determined to get justice for little Zuri, and also wants the center to be shut down so that no parent or child has to experience what she and her daughter are going through.

“I literally can’t sleep or eat and probably won’t until my daughter receives justice,” Ormond wrote on social media.

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