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Just when you think Jussie Smollett’s name has faded away from the general public’s consciousness, it emerges again. Recently, actress Vivica A. Fox appeared on “Watch What Happens Live.” During her sit down interview, somehow her role on “Empire” came up and with that, mention of Mr. Smollett.

In commenting about him, Fox hinted that there is a chance he may return to the show. As you know, after the story of his alleged hate-crime attack became less and less believable, Lee Daniels made a decision to remove him for show.



This all transpired this past Spring. But according to Fox, there is a chance that we’ll see him again on the show.

She told Andy Cohen, “That was tough. He’s family. He’s always gonna be family. Love him to death. But there was just too much drama surrounding the circumstances.

When asked if she was still in contact with Smollett, she said of course. “I love him. And who knows? Don’t count him out. Y’all may see him.”

When Cohen asked if she meant on “Empire,” Vivica responded by fluttering her eyelashes.

At this point, I doubt anyone really cares what happened either way with Smollett. As with most people’s personal experiences that aren’t recorded, we won’t ever know what happened for sure.

The charges filed against Smollett for falsifying a police report were dropped in August. Now, a Chicago judge will investigate the reason state prosecutors dismissed the charges so quickly.

The city is currently in the process of arguing that Smollett should cover the $130,000 worth of investigatory fees. Up until now, he has refused to do so.

Here’s the clip: