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As much as we’d like colorism to come to an end, it is still a huge issue in today’s world. Joy Mohammed, a mother-of-five from Detroit, spent most of her life being bullied because of her dark skin. Now, she has become the face of The Lip Bar’s new foundation shade that matches her skin tone perfectly.


The Lip Bar is a Black-owned makeup brand based out of Detroit. Joy is a long-time customer of the company, so when she was personally asked to model the new shade 6.04 Warm Red Ebony, she was shocked. In a statement to The Daily Mail she said, “I was completely overwhelmed to be asked – absolutely blown away.”

I couldn’t get over the fact I was tapped to represent a foundation shade that was unavailable when I was in need of make-up for senior photos and dance recitals, because my skin tone was so “undesirable” to the masses,” she added.

Unfortunately many women have had this experience. Women are often viewed as unattractive or less appealing because their complexion is darker. Joy went on to say, “I was always the darkest kid in class when I was younger – it was rough. People would make comments about my skin color and call me things like “blackety black.”

Joy resorted to using makeup that wasn’t her shade because it was the only thing available to her. Although eventually she found brands that carried her shade (Fenty and TooFaced), she developed a loyalty to The Lip Bar. “I was drawn to this brand not only because it was also Detroit-owned, black-owned, and women-owned, but because it worked so well and showed up on my skin so well,” Joy said.

From bullying to a campaign star! Congratulations to Joy!


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