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Whenever Trump hears bad news he sets up rallies. Not because he’s running for president and wants to talk about his policies, but because he needs an ego boost. Russ hasn’t heard a single police discussed at a Trump Rally. He just gets up there and goes completely crazy and tells lies and his base applauds him. This man really is all about himself as far as Russ is concerned. Trump has proved that he’s a terrible person and a liar multiple times, but right now he’s really outdoing himself. Our allies, the Kurds, have been completely devastated since Trump abandoned them, and that breaks Russ’ heart. Now Trump is blatantly lying and trying to cover his butt. He literally said that our soldiers aren’t in harms way, but that’s the opposite of the truth. They are definitely in harms way. We have a lying president which is dangerous and we need to get him out of office Russ says.