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On an upcoming episode of TV One’s “Uncensored,” Tyra Banks opens up about some of the judgments she held about women who remained in toxic, relationships.

The supermodel admitted that she didn’t understand the mental captivity that made women stay with abusive men, until she was wrapped up in a terrible relationship situation herself.

“I remember being kind of judgmental for women that were in bad relationships. And I’m just like, “Get out. Come on, like what are you doing, leave him, I don’t get it. Until I experienced it myself. I was in a relationship for many years, and we probably broke up fourteen/fifteen times. There were things that he said and made me feel like, I couldn’t leave, or if I left I had to go back. He told me that that is what he does. That he knows how to break a woman down. And it took so many different friends and family for me to finally say goodbye to him.”

Back in 2009, Tyra opened up to Oprah about the abusive partnership during a candid conversation about Chris Brown and Rihanna. She cautioned fans and loved ones against judging Rihanna at the time, who was seen with Chris Brown shortly after he assaulted her.

She empathized with Rihanna, saying that although her experience with abuse wasn’t physical, the emotional damage was deep.

“He never hit me, but I would say there were blows to my spirit, blows to my emotional well-being every day,” she told Ms. O.

“He was a master at being able to be happy and nice to everybody else but whispering these negative things to me,” she said. “I’d start complaining to my friends, and they’re like: ‘Well, he’s fine, girl. He’s fine with us. Everything’s fine.’”

Tyra finally made the decision to leave after confronting herself and her insecurities/

“I walked to the mirror in his bathroom. He wasn’t there,” she said. “Out loud I looked in that mirror and I said: ‘Tyra, who are you? What the hell are you doing? Get out of here.’”

You can watch a clip from “Uncensored” below. You can catch the full episode when it airs on TV One Sunday, October 13 AT 9 P.M. ET/8C