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Over the weekend, Shaunie O’Neal took to Instagram Live to address all of the criticism she’s received for Season 8 of Basketball Wives.



In case you missed it, the 44-year-old has been called biased and hypocritical, because of her disapproval of star Ogom “OG” Chijindu, who is darker, and whom she’s referred to more than once as “aggressive.”

During her IG Live, she spoke to all of the “super invested people,” noting that she does admonish friend Evelyn Lozada for bad behavior, not just OG, but we just don’t get to see it.

“You guys always say, ‘You don’t say anything to Evelyn.’ The thing about Evelyn and I, we have been friends for…Jesus, about 15 years,” she said. “I’m able to, I literally talk to her in some capacity every single day, whether it’s text or phone call. So all of our conversations are not on camera and it’s naturally not on camera because technically on camera, it’s real, but we talk so much it’s not, you not even getting our super real conversations. When I have something to say to her, most times it’s not on camera because we talk all the damn time.

So, you know, you guys say I don’t hold her accountable, yes the hell I do. I do. We talk about everything.Now, you know, it is what it is and it’s just entertainment guys. Don’t get so invested. You’re getting all of about three percent of our real lives. Trust me.”

“I think the cast that’s been together for a long time definitely holds each other accountable because we talk to each other,” she added. “But we are shooting a TV show and everybody’s grown. My kids are at home, so everybody’s held accountable for their own actions. Period.”

Evelyn though, is now suing Chijindu for defamation and emotional distress after OG said that she was a ‘racist bigot’ after a social media dispute.

Shaunie went on to refute the idea that she, Evelyn, Malaysia Pargo, Feby Torres and Kristen Scott are bullies, saying people are too old to be getting bullied by anyone.  She also said that her decision to call OG “aggressive” is based on things “y’all probably would never understand.”

However, despite OG’s treatment at the reunion and the women feeling that she’s too aggressive, Shaunie said she has not been cut from the show.

“‘Did you fire OG?’ No!” she responded to a fan question. “OG is not fired for the record. Don’t know where that came from.”

This hasn’t been the best season for all the ladies, as viewers have been vocal about the behavior of many of the veterans of the show. However, Shaunie said people need to know that some things are skewed by editing, and that the show is for entertainment. It’s not something to get worked up over.

“I think a lot of people can come across looking messier than they are, but that’s what reality TV is unfortunately. For every show you need the mess for this,” she said, referencing the huge response from viewers.

“For all reality TV, and all the viewers of reality TV, just be entertained,” she added. “Don’t invest your feelings, your heart, your soul into reality TV. It is entertainment. And that’s all that it should be. K?”