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A lot of folks are still in their feelings regarding Judge Tammy Kemp for hugging Botham Jean‘s killer, Amber Guyger, but Iyanla Vanzant is defending her.

The self-help guru says the judge was well within her right to do so. Same for the deceased’s brother.

TMZ camera guy caught up with Vanzant and asked about her thoughts regarding all the criticism over Judge Kemp’s embracing Guyger after handing down her 10-year prison sentence.

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Here’s where Vanzant is coming from as far as the issue is concerned. She finds it pretty hypocritical for folks to be all good with someone swearing to God with a hand on the Bible in court, but then get bent out of shape when a judge actually lives out the values of the good book.

In her opinion, it’s Judge Kemp’s courtroom … so she had all the power and autonomy in the world to hug Guyger. And, that goes for Botham’s brother too.

Speaking of … Brandt Jean gave a tearful victim’s impact statement after the sentencing and stunned the public by announcing he’d forgiven Guyger.

His gesture was met with tons of criticism as well, but Iyanla says Brandt actually proved to be the bigger person by taking back the power to his own happiness.

Check it out. Iyanla Vanzant thinks Brandt Jean is a hero for setting an example for others — especially Black men.

PHOTO: Courtesy Iyanla Vanzant