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Eddie Murphy’s return to the big screen is coming via Netflix Films in a biopic about the 1970s blaxploitation icon and “Godfather of rap,” Rudy Ray Moore, and his rise in the entertainment industry.

“Dolemite Is My Name” follows Moore as a down-on-his-luck record store manager who self-produced and distributed a string of raunchy party comedy albums and eventually created the independently produced hit film “Dolemite” in 1975.

The Craig Brewer-directed project opens in theaters this weekend and streaming on Netflix starting October 25. Murphy is also set to go on a stand-up comedy tour next year and star in the anticipated sequel to “Coming to America.”

Meanwhile, in a new interview with Collider, Murphy dished further about his return to SNL and taking on “Beverly Hills Cop 4” after he finishes “Coming 2 America.”

“Yeah that’s what we’re doing after Coming to America 2. We’re doing Beverly Hills Cop and then the plan is to get back on stage and do standup. That’s what I’ll be doing mostly is standup. These movies and Saturday Night Live it’s kind of like…I’m looking at it as a bookend. If I decided I wanted to stay on the couch forever, I ended it on a funny note.”

The funnyman is set to host the December 21 episode of “Saturday Night Live,” and it will be his first time doing so in 35 years.

via Collider:

When I sat down with him, one of the things I wanted to know was whether or not he’s started thinking about the things he wants to do on the show. He revealed he hasn’t started thinking about it yet because he’s waiting until the Monday before the show when he sits down with the writers to discuss what everyone wants to do.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly, the comic legend explained how playing Dolemite inspired his return to stand-up.

“I was on the couch for maybe five six years and now it’s time to get off the couch,” he said.  “I was on the couch because I was rested, I mean I was tired,” Murphy continued. “I’d been making movies and doing this stuff for so long I just needed time to be on the couch. Now, I’m off and [Dolemite] kind of lit a spark because it turned out so well and it got the creative juices flowing.”

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