Botham Jean, the man killed by former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger got a measure of justice when she was sentenced to 10 years for his murder. The jury made the sentencing decision after hearing victim impact statements from Jean’s family, including his mother, Allison Jean, his father, Bertram Jean and his sister,. Alissa Charles-Findley. The jury also heard from Guyger’s mother, sister and best friend.

But Jean’s 18-year-old brother, Brandt, provided one of the most surprising moments of the day, when he gave his impact statement. He qualified that he was speaking for himself. Not only did he tell Guyger that he forgave her, he told her her loved her and he encouraged her to give her life to Jesus Christ as he believed that his brother would have wanted her to do. The he asked if he could hug her and the judge granted that request.

Watch below:

If ever a Christian was in need of a demonstration of kindness and compassion, Brandt Jean certainly has provided an example. What do you think of his statement?


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