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It’s been a few months since actor Jussie Smollett was accused of allegedly faking a hate crime in Chicago. Charges were later dropped against the estranged “Empire” star, but the entire situation remains the butt of many industry jokes.

In a recently released Netflix special, comedian Dave Chappelle took jabs at Smollett saying of the incident, “Everybody was furious, especially in Hollywood. . . . “Justice for Juicy” and all this sh**. . . . For some reason, African Americans, we were like oddly quiet. . . . What they didn’t understand is that we were supporting him with our silence. Because we understood that this n****** was clearly lying.”



The joke emerged again when a Virginia girl, who previously said her white classmates held her down and cut off her locs, recanted her statement and said she lied about the whole thing.When the news of the alleged “loc hoax” was posted on social media, love guru Derrick Jaxsn commented saying, “Jussie really is a trendsetter.”

Jussie responded to the snub, reinforcing that he has never “lied about a thing.”

‘With all due respect brother, y’all can clown me all you want but my story has actually never changed and I haven’t lied about a thing,” he commented on the post.

‘Y’all can continue to be misinformed, internalized sheep, who believe what actual proven liars feed you or you can read the actual docs. Either way, Imma be alright. I know me and what happened. You don’t. So carry on. All love.’