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Tiffany Haddish has revealed that her absolutely hate for bunk beds is the reason she didn’t join the Church of Scientology years ago when she was homeless in Los Angeles.

“I was homeless as hell,” she told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour Monday while promoting her upcoming reboot of “Kids Say the Darndest Things” on ABC. “And I needed a roof over my head.”

Before she hit it big in Hollywood, Haddish says she was working with a casting agency trying to get work as an extra when “a person approached me” about Scientology.

“I took a few courses and they found out I was homeless,” she continues. “And then they were like, ‘If you stay here, we’ll pay you $50 a month and you’ll have a roof over your head and you can help us in Inglewood and the South Central area (in Los Angeles).’ Because I guess they didn’t have any people like me in their organization.”

Haddish ultimately signed a contract with them. “The contract was like a billion-year contract or something, which I thought was crazy, but I was like, ‘Whatever. I need a place to stay.’”

But once she saw the bed they were offering… she was quickly over it.

“They took me where (people) sleep – ‘The Barracks,’ they call it – and it was bunk beds, and I don’t do bunk beds,” she says. “So I threw a fit and they tore my contract up and they put me out. I don’t do bunk beds, it’s just not my thing. You want to see me lose my temper, tell me I got to sleep in a bunk bed and I’m going to cut up.”

As it turns out, Haddish didn’t need to use Scientology to help her give back to the community. As an A-list movie star, she is now using her star power to help her neighborhood. As noted by USA Today, the comedian films “Kids” at Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, a community theater located “between the ‘hood and Hollywood.”

“I shot my very first special there,” Haddish says, also recalling her pre-fame job there as a server, “and I remember they had just opened up the theater and I walked into the main area and I thought, ‘Wow, one day I’m going to perform here.’ …  It makes me really happy to contribute to my community … to uplift a place that has done so much for the community.”

She also joked during TCA that working with the hilarious kids on the series reboot reminds her to “Take my birth control. You cannot forget to do that.”

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