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Would you attend a wedding where the bride and groom expected guests to cover the wedding costs?

If you answered NO, you’re not alone, as one woman is “wedding shaming” a couple who charged family and friends a fee to attend their celebration and had the nerve to run out of appetizers and party favors.

Writing on the Facebook group that’s it, I’m wedding shaming, the outraged woman explained how she paid $250 as an admission fee for her and her husband to attend a friend’s nuptials, the Daily Mail reports, noting that she committed to attending the wedding before she was aware of the fee.

The post sparked debate online about wedding etiquette, with many commenting that they wouldn’t attend a wedding if they were expected to pay.

“I was recently invited to a wedding where we had to pay an admission fee of $125 each for my husband and I for a total of $250. Only to not get much in the way of appetizers (they ran out half way to our table), some of which included hot dogs slices,” the woman wrote.

“The only thing they didn’t run out of that I was able to eat was from the cheese and grapes platter. Furthermore, our table was the only one with no party favors since they also ran out of those.

“And the main course that they claim was salmon was really suspect looking and cold to the touch so I decided to pass. The only saving grace was the open bar, but I was on some medication and couldn’t drink anyway. So I had the most expensive Pepsi known to man: 2 for $125.”

The woman explained that she was “caught off guard” by the wedding fee but noted “I won’t get caught slipping again.”

“Unless you’re Beyoncé, please don’t charge people to attend your raggedy wedding, especially if the ceiling is leaking and some of the letters outside of the venue walls have fallen off,” she added.

One person responded to the post with: “Why in the world did you pay? Just as much your fault for being a sucker and paying. I would have said hell no! So incredibly rude to ask people to pay. I can’t believe they had any attendance at all. Wow! The nerve.”

Another said: “You don’t have to go just because you said you would, before knowing you had to pay. Completely shameworthy on the couple’s part, but I don’t really feel sympathy since you decided to go ahead and pay to witness this train wreck.”

A third wrote: “Oh my god. $250 just to attend? That’s more than I usually spend on gifts and this couple is expecting you to shell it out just to attend. It’s not a charity event, you don’t charge people to attend. And then, on top of that, to not have enough food/appetizers for all your tables AND to be serving freaking hot dog slices… I’d be so upset.”

Another asked: “How do you run out of food when you make people pay to go?”

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