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Future‘s bodyguard was involved in a nasty situation which included him getting clocked in the head from behind in what some are calling a racially motivated attack.

Someone uploaded video of the incident to social media and it shows the unnamed bodyguard staggering after apparently being assaulted. Then a male is seen sucker-punching the dazed bodyguard from behind, sending him sprawling to the ground.

The incident reportedly took place Monday in Ibiza, Spain at the International Airport, according to TMZ.  Future had supposedly just arrived and was walking through the terminal when around 10 men approached him and asked for a photo. Future said, “Not today, guys,” because he was tired and had just gotten off a long flight.

At that point, the men tripped out, got pissed, and began hurling racial slurs and other epithets.

Sources say Future’s bodyguard stepped in and tried to block the ruffians and get Future to awaiting transportation.

According to sources, the bodyguard a put a beatdown on several of the knuckleheads before he got sucker-punched from behind. The sources claim the person who struck the bodyguard did so with a rock.

The bodyguard, who was knocked out cold, lay motionless for minutes as the man and his friends celebrated and shouted profanities.

The bodyguard came to after concerned tourists poured cold water on him.

Future was apparently unaware that his bodyguard was attacked until the end of the video.

The video was reposed by Safaree, who called for the men to be arrested, according to Sandra Rose.

“They need to lock these guys up the same way they doing ASAPRocky!” he wrote in the caption of the video.

Speaking of A$AP Rocky, the NYC rapper is still being held in Swedish jail after his arrest earlier this month following a street fight with two men in Stockholm.

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