Three months after Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in front of his Marathon Clothing Store in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles comes word that at the time of his death, the Los Angeles Police Department was investigating him for his gang ties.

The New York Times released a report on Monday stating that the LAPD are still investigating Nipsey’s connection to gang members.

The strip mall where his clothing store is located is said to be of particular interest to authorities as they try to determine whether it was or still is the center for gang activity.

Since his death, police continue to examine Nipsey’s associates and business investments, “including his desire to build an apartment complex,” per Hot New Hip Hop.

According to The New York Times report, the rapper’s murder supported investigators’ concerns that such a violent act could take place on the property.

A spokesperson for the LAPD told the publication that police are negotiating with Nipsey’s associates on the property “to mitigate some of those crime issues.”

City officials reportedly wanted the owners of the strip mall to evict Nipsey, instead, they sold the property to the rapper and a group of investors.

Nipsey Hussle was fatally shot on March 31. Alleged gang member Eric Holder, 29, was arrested and charged with his murder.

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