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Besides being one of the most respected and iconic R&B singers, Patti LaBelle is also known to be quite the cook. The last time she gave us a taste of her cooking, her Patti Pies created a frenzy and sold out across America. Now she is giving us a taste of her soul food. The Philly native has partnered with Walmart again for a frozen food line of her soul food.

“Coming soon to a Walmart near you, you’ll have my savory foods,” LaBelle told the crowd at Essence Fest last weekend, MSN reports. “There will be foods like macaroni and cheese. It’s greens, it’s brisket, it’s chicken and biscuits, and five more I can’t think of them.”

LaBelle warned fans to eat her rich, savory foods moderately because she has to do the same because of her diabetes.

“Health is important, I’m a diabetic,” she told the crowd. “And when I make macaroni and cheese I don’t usually eat it, I taste it, because I am a diabetic for 25 years. Ladies and gentlemen, you have to take care of yourselves and eat healthier. But eat.”

LaBelle and Walmart have partnered before when she released her famous sweet potato pie, chocolate, caramel and red velvet cakes, buttermilk pies and cobblers. She announced in April that she teamed up with restaurateur Stratis Morfogen to launch a line of frozen Chinese foods as well.