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A Georgia mom is rightfully irate after she discovered her daughter’s braid was halfway attached to her scalp once she returned home from daycare.

Instagram user @kissmyari_ wrote a lengthy post on social media describing the situation in order to get justice for her child. Unfortunately the woman’s daycare provider is not assuming responsibility and alleges that the child pulled her braid out by herself.

“I pay $600 CASH every month for daycare…my child has been going to this same daycare since she was 5 months old. Yesterday when my sister picked Alani up from daycare she told her that a little boy bit her braid and ripped it from the scalp and Miss Brown was upstairs when it happened. . I called the daycare provider EXTREMELY PISSED … and she tells me that my child is lying and she was not aware of this happening 😑 then she went on to say that my child probably pulled it herself…” she wrote.

“Alani has been getting her hair braided and styled since she was born, so I find that VERY hard to believe …I sent her this same picture at 6:35pm yesterday and she still has not responded…. so I’ve contacted Bright, which is a daycare complaint service and they are sending someone out to investigate.. “

cShe then tagged local outlets Fox5 Atlanta and WSBTV in hopes that they will cover the story to give it more attention.

What a terrible thing to occur to a child and we hope that the family is able to get to the bottom of what transpired in order to hold the responsible parties accountable.

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