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A year after finalizing her messy divorce from husband/manager Kendu Isaacs, Mary J. Blige opened up in a recent interview with People about her journey to finding peace after married life and how she doesn’t find it difficult singing about the lost love these days.

“It’s therapeutic,” she said. “To travel back and to relive something again and not have it drive you crazy is a true gift from God.”

Adding, “To be able to touch people with what you’ve gone through and pull them through…The sadness makes me happy almost. I can’t even describe it.”

Blige filed for divorce after 12 years of marriage in 2016, citing irreconcilable differences. The nine-time Grammy-winning music icon said after dissolving her marriage she realized, “no matter what comes to me, no matter how big or bad it is, I have to keep moving, I have to keep living. I said, ‘No, I’m not going to stay in this marriage. I’m out of here.’ That’s what thriving is about.”

The two-time Oscar nominee also revealed what she would tell her younger self if she could travel back in time.

“If I could tell my younger self something, I would tell her don’t be afraid of your imperfections, because one day people are going to love you for them.”

Mary says she’s now “very content, and I’m happy with myself … I learned to be happy with just Mary, just enjoying my own company, me by myself most of the time. I’m grateful.”

Adding, “I try to keep my mind positive, I stay working out, I try to eat right and treat people right. I have fun too, don’t get it twisted, I go out with my friends, I laugh, I joke, I have wine. I do all of that,” she explained.

“It’s not easy, it’s hard doing the right thing all the time, but if this is going to keep me out of trouble, I choose this. I don’t let anything get the best of me.”

Last month, Blige was honored with the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award at the BET Awards, and she’s gearing up to hit the road for her “Royalty Tour,” co-headlined with hip hop legend Nas.

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4 thoughts on “Mary J. Blige ‘Learned To Be Happy With Just Mary’ After Divorce From Kendu Isaacs

  1. Amber Bee on said:

    Glad you are happy. This is why i get upset when people want to dwell on why a person is not married. So what. You hear nothing about are you in love, do you really love that person, etc. It is more about ‘are you married’. Sorry but many people married are NOT happy.

  2. Kudo’s to Mary J for finally having some peace of mind and finding happiness.

    So sad was her divorce from her POS ex Kendu and her having to pay him ALIMONY.
    Now his “PIMP” can move on with his side-piece.

    Look forward to hearing new music from Mary J,

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