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Grace Jones is said to have pitched a diva fit and quit James Bond 25 shortly after arriving on set for the first time.

Jones starred in 1985’s “A View to Kill” as May Day, and was set to make a surprise cameo in the latest 007 installment of the franchise starring Daniel Craig. According to, her appearance in the film was never officially confirmed, but looks like it was set to happen, only for the iconic actress and singer to bail upon her arrival after reportedly learning that her part was a lot smaller than she initially was led to believe.

Studio bosses were allegedly left frustrated after rolling out the red carpet treatment for the superstar by securing a luxury residence for her near Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire.

A source told the Sun Online“Grace’s 007 homecoming was meant to be a real crowd-pleasing moment. Bosses were really excited about landing her.

“Of course, she comes with a reputation, so they organized premium accommodation and rolled out the red carpet on set to make her feel welcome.

“But it turns out Grace was expecting to play a bigger role in the movie and took her brief cameo as a slight. She was out of there quicker than it takes to rustle up a martini.”

Despite her rumored antics, Grace noted in her 2015 memoir, “I’ll Never Write My Memoirs” that she is  “not a diva, I am a Jones.”

“Diva is so overused. Diva, icons, the whole thing, legends… To be a diva, what is that?”

After departing the Bond set, Jones reportedly headed to the states where she put on a dramatic show in Detroit.

“I’m still doing this show just as if there’s 50,000 people in a stadium,” she declared to the audience Monday night, July 1, at Detroit’s Masonic Temple Auditorium.

The Oakland Press reports that she served up a 13 song set “over more than two R-rated, gleefully profane hours,” the outlet writes.

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