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Cucumber in two sections

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The Internet and social media is known for producing some wild things, but a new “cucumber challenge,” some people believe, has pushed the limit of respect. 

The #CucumberChallenge, which requires an actual cucumber, shows off a woman’s sucking skills. Some are in their homes and cars, and others have even taken it as far as the grocery store, sucking a cucumber and placing it back on the produce shelf (yikes). 

Celebs like Kash Doll and Masika are urging women to have a little more class. Sammie asked the ladies participating to start respecting themselves more, and Reginae called out the guys — especially the ones with daughters — sharing these posts. 

See below… 


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#Sammie has chimed in on the cucumber convo 👀👀

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Andrew Caldwell even chimed saying cucumbers were for eating, not licking. “Stop sucking and pray,” he said.


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2 thoughts on “Celebs Call Out Distasteful “Cucumber Challenge” [VIDEO]

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    How is this worse than the challenge in the movie – Girl’s Trip? This is what happens when you start the slide.

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