“Empire” co-creator Lee Daniels has reached an agreement with Damon Dash and two of his exes over $210,000 in upcoming payments he owes the famed music producer.

As we previously reported, Dash’s exes were coming after the monetary settlement he agreed to with Daniels over an outstanding debt. You recall back in December Daniels settled a $2 million dispute with Dash over claims that he cut Dame out of producer credits and profits from the film “Precious.” The settlement came after footage surfaced of Dame confronting Lee at a Diana Ross concert and threatening to take legal action if he didn’t pay up.

Daniels ultimately agreed to a reported $5m settlement in installments (which included interest and loss profits).

The Blast reported that court documents show Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales claims that the payments should go to them because Dash owes child-support.

Daniels responded by filing a lawsuit in Manhattan, noting his willingness to put the payment into an escrow account until the matter between Dame and his women was settled.

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via Page Six:

The parties agreed to a plan for how Daniels will divide the upcoming two payments for June 21 and July 9, according to new papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Daniels is set to pay $27,500 to Roy, who has two daughters with Dash, and another $27,500 to Morales, who has a son with Dash, according to court records.

Daniels is also expected to pay $55,000 to Dash and another $100,000 to a loan company that Dash owed money to, according to the court documents.

An agreement still needs to be hashed out on how Daniels should distribute the remaining settlement money.

Roy and Morales’ lawyer, Donnell Suares, said, “The parties are working toward a settlement in which Roy and Morales will get every dollar they are owed.”

Daniels’ lawyer, James Sammarato, said, “The complaint makes clear that Daniels has no dog in the fight, and no preference as to whom the settlement payments are made.”

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