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Naomi Campbell’s You Tube channel, ‘Being Naomi’ is one of the greatest things to ever hit the fashion and beauty sphere of the Internet. The insanely gorgeous 49-year-old decided to grace us with her everyday beauty routine and we are thankful.

She smiles into the camera and explains, “I’m going to do my quick 5 minute, no it’s more than 5 minutes, my quick few minutes makeup, I never have so much time…” From strutting down runways to her philanthropic work with various countries in Africa, we know that Ms. Campbell stays busy.

She starts with NARS Matte Concealer Amande ($30.00, and begins to dab under her eyes. She shares, “I always think it’s important to do the t-zone, a little highlight in the t-zone is always important.”

One thing I appreciate about Campbell is her frankness about aging and sharing her tips. She begins to apply concealer to above her lips and below her nose while explaining, “This part on a woman, the older we get, gets a little more discolored. I guess that’s why we have a mustache but we don’t have a mustache.”

Afterward, she applies NARS Mountain Pressed Powder ($32.65, all over her face.

Next she grabs NARS Contour Blush Genah ($42.00, and explains it’s “just to give a little contour.” She shows you can use makeup in multiple ways, “I sometimes even put Genah above the eye here.” She also puts it on her jaw line, blending in and said “put it here to give a little shading. It depends on where the light hits.”

Next it’s time to give her cheeks a little color. She applies NARS Blush Gaeity ($30.00, and states, “High blush not low blush” as she applies it to the high part of her cheekbones. She further explains, “I don’t like to put blush here and here (points to cheeks), on low cheeks. I think it looks like clowny and it takes away from the bone structure.”

Noted and this a tip I will personally never forget.

She then presents NARS Cheek Palette ‘The Veil’ ($50.00, as a highlighter. She shares, “I like powder highlighters. I think their easier. Just to give a little shimmer.” She puts highlighter down the nose and does a little shading on her nose, “I love to do a little shading on my nose. “ She put a little on her forehead too.

She looks in the mirror and decides, “I’m not going to do much of an eyebrow,” because she wanted a natural look.

She uses an eyebrow brush from Anastasia Beverly Hills saying she is “the best eyebrow woman in the world and a great great friend of mine.”

She put NARS Lip Gloss in Outrage ($24.00, and Sexual Content ($24.00, for a pink look. She admitted to not really wearing mascara but loving the color purple and used the NARS Quad Eyeshadow in Tropical Express ($52.00,

What a beautiful look!  She expressed, “I think for years after sitting in a chair for so many hours, when I do it, it has to be a minute thing. I just can’t do hours when I’m doing it.”

She thanked us for watching and said she’ll get better…we hope that means more beauty videos are coming!

What do you think of Naomi Campbell’s everyday beauty routine? Is it something you would try?

Watch the video below.

PHOTO: PR Photos