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The number of folks who owe 50 Cent money seems to be endless and he’s not above calling out those on social media who have outstanding debts with him.

As noted by Complex, after demanding payments from Randall Emmett, Young Buck, Rotimi and Jackie Long— the rapper has turned his attention to hip-hop icon Biz Markie. The two recently performed at the Art of Rap Festival in Minneapolis, where 50 allegedly confronted Biz about his outstanding loan.

The “Just a Friend” rapper took to Instagram to announce he finally paid 50 back … but it wasn’t in cash.

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A post shared by Biz Markie (@officialbizmarkie) on

As seen in the Instagram post above, Biz paid his debt with several food stamps.

And while the “Power” star looks less than amused in the pic, 50 shared a tweet in which he seems to laugh off the matter, suggesting that the two were simply having fun.

50 Cent: A History Of Beef
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3 thoughts on “Biz Markie Pays Off His Debt To 50 Cent With Food Stamps

  1. If a person does something for another and then talks about it to others–THE GESTURE WAS NOT done in good faith.
    I have NEVER liked 50 cents, and this article about him and Biz Markie HAS NOT changed my opinion of him.

    With the $$$$ 50 has he can AFFORD to WRITE-OFF all the debts HE IS OWED.

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